Romanian language and culture workshop

Next language in our language cafe list was Romanian, so we have held a Romanian language and culture workshop and finally learned what lyrics of Dragostea din tei mean. 🙂 Except learning how to pronounce words correctly and basic grammar, we have heard some interesting fact about Romania and Moldova. Shhhh, ‘the best road in the world’ according to Top Gear hosts is in Romania, as well as 2nd largest administrative center in the world, and the place were Borat filmed his movie, what Croats and Romanians have in common, facts about Dracula and many more…

Our lecturers, Manuela i Iva, have tried hard to make this workshop both entertaining and educational and we would like to thank them again for that! 🙂

Check our gallery to see how it went, and by the way, prepare yourselves for the last workshop in this season’s language cafe, Portuguese language and culture workshop at the end of May!

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