You are interested in partnership with us? Contact us! We would be very happy to establish a partnership with you, as we see it beneficial both for your company or institution and the development of our members!

Education is the core value of tomorrow’s generation of European citizens. By developing educational partnerships, we wish to link European students, higher education institutions and platforms. The educational partnership will ensure a win-win cooperation, where AEGEE members will be linked to the best educational platforms and institutions in Europe, and our partners will get a chance to meet talented, skilled and eager-to-learn youngsters.

During their AEGEE life, students combine formal and non-formal education, developing their leadership skills, abilities and competences. By creating and developing new projects, our talented members are implementing their fresh ideas, being the creative power of Europe. Being the biggest interdisciplinary student association, we can ensure that our network matches all the needs of today’s labour market.

As an interdisciplinary organisation, composed of a big variety of students, coming from different cultural backgrounds and fields of study, in AEGEE we assure the best environment for our partners’ researching needs, as well as assistance in product development. Join our network and receive fresh feedback from young leaders all over Europe.

Being present in 40 countries, more than 200 university cities, gathering 13.000 members and reaching 400.000 students every year, AEGEE can meet all the large scoped promotional needs of different partners. Our promotional partnership includes a variety of advertising tools: from websites and social media, to live promotion during our conferences and Study & Career fairs.

As a non-profit and nongovernmental organization, AEGEE is constantly looking for supporters. By supporting our work, partners are assisting us in the constant process of uncovering the potential of our members and in the development of initiatives, as well as the implementation of our projects, which strive to have a real impact on society.

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