How to become a member?

Membership is open to students and former students, aged between 18 and 30-years-old. Membership is valid for one year, and it costs 150,00 kunas. It gives one all membership rights (registrations for all AEGEE events are available as well as participation).  For more details contact our HR responsible.

Our regular meetings are held on Mondays from 8 p.m. at Pogon (11 Kneza Mislava Street).

Why should I join?

  • Because you want to travel and have friends all around Europe (and visit them later 😉 )?
  • Because you have never visited Ryazan & Lisboa in the same year?
  • Because, wait a minute, you don’t even know were is Ryazan & why would someone even go there?
  • Because you have a chance to see Amsterdam, but why not doing it thru eyes of it’s students along with 20 more students from all over Europe?
  • Because you realize importance of non-formal education and soft skills?
  • Because you want to enjoy in what you do?
  • Because you want to be part of a Student Organization and learn something new?
  • Because you want to find out first about student scholarships, internships, conferences and workshops?
  • Because you want to visit International Court of Justice in Hague, volunteer for blinded in Madrid, learn French in Paris or everything mentioned?
  • Because you have never ate stroopwafel, or drank palinka?
  • Because you are interested in human rights, dancing or sustainable development and you want to connect with others who share your interests on international level?
  • Because you would like to take part in the inclusion of Zagreb into contemporary European multicultural streams?
  • Because you want this all as a part of your unique European student experience!

Join us and be a part of AEGEE network, were you can really enjoy. Found out what our slogan means: