Board is the governing body of each AEGEE local. It is formed at he end of each year (beginning of December) at Local Agora with a one year long term (December is reserved for knowledge transfer and advisory).

It consists of 3 members: president, secretary and treasurer. Additional Board members are elected depending on the needs of each term (human resources, public relations, fundraising, local activities, it, …)


  • Viktor Vukelić, president

  • Dominik Vukošić, vice-president and Local Activities Responsible (LA)

  • Marija Valentina Žuvić, secretary

  • Monika Mokrović, treasurer

  • Iva Malenica, External Relations Responsible (ER)

  • Franjo Lovro Popović, Human Resources Responsible (HR)

  • Tomislav Popović, Public Relations Responsible (PR)


Previous Boards are available in Board archive.