Hurry up! 10 more days to apply for our awesome SU!!

You have left only 10 more days to apply for our SUmmer challenge and experience the summer of your life! 😀 If you have ever heard of Citius – Altius – Fortius, or in general public known as Olympic motto (Faster – Higher – Stronger), then you’ll find our Summer University to be the right combination of sports, fun, and… Read more →

Exchange with AEGEE-Ljubljana in Ljubljana

Next weekend, from 16-17th of April, we are going on exchange with AEGEE-Ljubljana to their lovely city. Feel free to join us and experience city in AEGEEan way. For more info and applications, contact us directly. 🙂   Read more →

SUmmer challenge is on!

Hello everybody! 😀 The application period for Summer Universities has just started today. We invite you to check out our program. To illustrate it a bit, you will have an amazing chance to visit both Croatia and Slovenia. Starting in the latter you will discover the capital Ljubljana, get to take a swim in the famous lake Bled, hike the… Read more →

Join us on our SUmmer challenge: From the Mountains to the Sea! :)

Ljubljana, Zagreb; February 29th 2016 Date that announces the Leap year, Olympic year! This summer in August, Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro. But no, this event is not about the Olympics. This event is about another sports challenge for the summer 2016! The one that comes from AEGEE-Zagreb & AEGEE-Ljubljana! This July, only in Slovenia &… Read more →