European Schools & Training Events

Non-formal education is an integral part of AEGEE. Most of AEGEE’s training events are organised by the Academy, often in cooperation with other AEGEE bodies who are experts in certain fields such as committees of project teams. These training events are called European Schools. The events focus on a certain theme or topic, for example including Project Management, Public Relations, Fund Raising, and others. During these events, participants get a chance to understand the workings of NGOs operate, at the same time developing their skills. Diverse training methods, which include lectures, workshops and case work, create the perfect environment for fast knowledge absorption among the trainees.

The following events are examples of AEGEE’s regularly organised training programmes:

  • European School 1

  • European School 2

  • Fundraising European School

  • IT European School

  • Public Relations European School

  • Public Relations European School 2

  • Summer University Project School

  • Training for Trainers

  • Local Training Course

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